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Stamp Collecting is the process of collecting postage stamps and other related objects with postage stamps affixed to them, such as a postcard or an envelope. Stamp collecting is one of the world’s most popular hobbies. There are over 20 million people who collect stamps in the United States alone. Don’t confuse the art of stamp collecting with philately which is the study of stamps.

Sometimes the philatelist will collect some stamps in order to study them, but they do not collect them when they are done. There are two different types of collectors, the serious stamp collector and the casual stamp collector. The casual collector will not inspect every little detail of the stamp, but a serious stamp collector will. He will put it under a magnifying glass to inspect the sides and the face, and make sure it is perfect.

These details are very important to the stamp collector who is trying to sell his stamps. Other stamp collectors will pay top money for stamps in the best shape, and the older the stamp the more money it can pay. Rare stamps will bring in a lot of money. Stamps from other countries are also a big thing here in the United States; collectors will pay good money for a foreign stamp. You have to commit to the hobby. If you are just starting out, find out which stamps are easily accessible, and start from there. It can be very profitable.