Astronomy Stamps Are Fascinating

Europe stamp

2009 was a good year for astronomy stamps. Astronomy stamps as well as space stamps are fascinating like the subject. With so many different astronomy stamps to buy for your stamp collection, it is important to buy wisely.

Astronomy Stamps 2009

The year 2009 was an outstanding year for astronomy stamps. 2009 was designated the International Year Of Astronomy. It was to celebrate the 400 years of modern astronomy, since Galileo first looked through his telescope. 140 countries took part in the celebration and many of them issued astronomy stamps.

European Astronomy Stamps 2009

Europe also had their own series of astronomy stamps called the Europa series. The country, date, and number of stamps issues are (even the Vatican joined in);

DateCountryNumber of stamps
08.05.2009Aland1 stamp (Europa value)
05.06.2009Austria1 stamp (0.65 Euro)
06.04.2009Belgium1 souvenir sheet (0.80 Euro) – 1 Stamp
23.04.2009Bosnia and Herzegovina (Serb post)2 stamps (1.00- & 2.00- BAM)
28.04.2009Bulgaria2 stamps (0.60 & 1.50)
09.05.2009Croatia2 stamps (Both 8.00)


This is not even a complete list of the astronomy stamps issued in Europe. Astronomy stamps are fascinating, with famous astronomers, events, planets, and stars depicted. There is a great selection of astronomy stamps to collect from years other than 2009.