Amazing EUROPA 2002 year Circus

When it comes to collecting the stamps, one of the most interesting and mysterious questions is the way and order topics choice by countries and organizations while issuing the stamps. PostEurop's Stamps & Philately Working Group selects the EUROPA stamp's topic annually. Postal authorities of each country have a chance to take part in the EUROPA stamp's selecting, and it is enjoyable to see what design is proposed by each country.

We've decided to choose the topic for this article randomly and encounter year 2002 and topic circus with its really captivating works of stamp art, you can see the pictures below. The first one is France and its dedication to the art of circus:

France circus stamps

The second stamps have the topic of Albanian acrobats:

Albania circus stamps

Next goes Ireland, showing an amazed crowd, and Ringmaster with the circus on the background:

Ireland circus stamps

Guernsey provided stamps with jugglers, acrobats, clowns, flying artists and even knife-throwers:

Guernsey circus stamps

Azerbaijan offered jugglers, musicians, and weightlifters to the list:

Azerbaijan circus stamps

Great Britain also added some intricate images in animation style:

Great Britain circus stamps

Finally, Gibraltar showed the compilation of the most famous circus clowns in the world. An Englishmen Joseph Grimaldi (1778-1837) was among them as one of the most famous from this country, he's London-born but has English and Italian roots. Karl Adrien Wettach (1880-1959) also known as 'Grock', the clown of Swiss origin. Nicholai Polakov OBE (1900-1974) 'Coco the clown' the most important figure in circus art in the middle of 20th century, widely known in Britain having Latvian and Jewish origin. The last one is Jean Hubert Charles Cairoli (1910-1980) born in Italy in a French family.

Gibraltar circus stamps