How to find the right stamp dealer for you

The stamp dealer must primarily have a good stock of the material you are interested in. For example, if you are collecting according to a country, choose a stamp dealer who specializes in that specific country.

If you are a tropical collector, you will have to do some searching. Serious dealers usually advertise well but you will have to work a little to find them. They might advertise as weather or flowers or butterflies. Seek the right ones out. The Internet will help you find the right stamp dealer easily.


Another very important thing is that your dealer should be honest. You can search casually on Google to find the right dealer. Check for proofs of his honesty such as memberships in good groups and societies. One such group is the ASDA. Taking another collector’s word is also a good idea. Ask around for recommendations in order to find the right stamp dealer if you are unsure and wary.

Dealers of the Philatelically Odd and Unusual

If you want unusual stamps, you will have to work harder still. Souvenir cards, imperforate stamps, ephemera, and covers can be found with your dealer sometimes but there are also dealers who have only these materials.
Check out the philatelic press to read news about exhibits. Contact the owners whose exhibits were exciting and unusual. Talk to them and see if they will tell you where they got the material. Chances are high that they will help you out.

Your Stamp Dealer

Once you find a dealer that you can rely upon, your life will be much easier. He will know what you need and he will help you out as much as he can. When he buys things, he will keep you in mind and buy anything that might suit you. Your relationship with him will be a long-term relationship.