Future of Stamp Collecting


This has been the great debate, is there are future for stamp collecting? Some say yes, because there are millions and millions of stamp collectors around the world and there are always people looking to buy and sell their stamps. So the hobby can survive with people who already have stamps. But if people are not looking to sell the older stamps they may have then no one will want to buy the plain old stamps, unless you are a casual stamp collector.

The fate of stamp collecting is also in the hands of technology. With people emailing mailing and companies setting up websites where people can pay their bills on line then the future of the stamps look pretty grim. The only stamps available they say would be custom made stamps and would those be worth anything? Let’s say there was hardly any physical mail any more and everyone emailed and paid their bills on line that still would not mean stamp collecting would die out.

The fact of the matter is that stamp collectors mainly collect old stamps and if new stamps were made anymore, it still would not look like the end. There are more new stamps coming out every year and some collectors have said they cannot keep up with the flow. Stamps are increasing rather than decreasing.