How To Handle Stamps - The Truth About Stamps

Stamps are simply small pieces of paper. They vary in age, composition, and size. They are fragile enough for your hands to damage them when you pick them up because of the dirt, sweat, and oil in your hands. An untouched stamp is susceptible damage even through very careful handling. This can sink its value significantly. Also, even delicate touch comes with the risk of damaging the perforations and bending your stamp. Thankfully, there are ways in which you can handle your stamps safely without damaging them.


The Tool to Use

To keep handling risks at bay, it’d be best to buy stamp tongs. These tweezers come with flattened blades and the market is filled with a great variety of tongs. You can choose the basic model, which is inexpensive; or the fancy model, which is expensive; or anything in between. It all depends on how much you can afford.


Finding the Tongs for You

This is not really difficult. All you have to do is check the ends and make sure they are flat. They are usually labeled as ‘spade’ shaped. There are a few stamp tongs that have tweezer ends, which are very fine. You shouldn’t choose this because they could puncture your stamp. However, stamps with too much gum might need such tongs.


Using Tongs

All you have to do is pick the stamp using the tong. Simple.
Make sure that the blades are towards the center so that you avoid the risk of causing any damage to the perforations.

The pressure should be just enough to move the stamp and not more than that. If you apply too much pressure, you will leave marks. Even with tweezer tips, you should be sure that you apply only the required amount of pressure.



Clean your tongs regularly with some dishwasher soap. Also, dry them completely before handling stamps with them.