United Nations Postal Administration and India Post support rights of women with 6 new stamps series

Gender inequality is in the list of the most urgent social problems of the modern world. Despite all efforts to defend rights of women and to support equality of genders, inequalities among both genders continue to prevail in different ways everywhere. It seems to be like illness of the society which is difficult to be cured. But any illness has its symptoms and ways of overcoming. So, sooner or later it will be cured.

He for She Stamps

India Post and the United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA) join together to issue 6 stamps for International Women's Day. With these stamps they promote the United Nations' gender-equality campaign named "HeForShe". Organizers of the campaign induce men to support the rights of their wives and mothers. The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) has developed the campaign.


The movement HeForShe was developed by women's organization as well. Its aim is to involve men to fight against gender equality as well. They may act as advocates or agents for the rights of women. The campaign inspires them to outspeak and strive against inequalities.

He for She Stamps

These optimistic new stamps strive not just for rights of female gender, but for human rights in common. Men feel gender stereotypes as well and they want equality of genders.


The global objective of the campaign is to widespread information about discrimination of female gender and to activate action of men to defend rights of women.