How to Start Collecting Stamps: Stamp Collecting in the 21st century

book, stampNowadays stamp collecting is quite different from stamp collecting even 50 years ago, however some basic principles are still similar. Also, modern stamps are really different in a way they look.

There are people nowadays who like to collect stamps in a good old way, by selecting a country and trying to collect all the stamps from it they could find. There are professionals in this, who know the difference between 19th century stamps variations even if they differ in the slightest way.

However, the vast majority of the stamp collectors follow the modern trends in stamp collecting community. Nowadays, there are lots of stamps’ designs, and they are quite colorful, creative and dedicated to different things. New printing techniques made it possible to create anything, opening a huge variety of designs. So the period when we saw the faces of royals on the postal stamps has gone.

book, stamp One of the most popular ways to collect stamps in the 21st century is rather topical collecting of stamps, instead of sticking to one country as it was before. You can collect stamps on any topic that you are interested in, and if it is ‘space’ you can find lots of stamps since 1950s, and such collection will not cost you lots of money. Even more, you will probably add more and more samples to your collection with time.

Thanks to the Internet, stamp collecting has become way simpler than it used to be. Though, lots of collectors start their way by collecting stamps from the mail that comes to their offices, eBay has made finding new ones easier, one click the order is made. As for nowadays there are three huge websites that can help you fill your collection with different stamps from any part of the world: eBay, Delcampe and Bidstart. They include more than 20 million stamps (collectible) in stock for different budget from 20 cents to thousands of dollars.

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