Hungarian Easter Stamps 2016

Hungarian Easter Stamp

A fair holiday Easter, which is devoted to the Jesus Christ resurrection, is celebrated by different nations in unexpected manners and with surprising traditions. For example, painting eggs and then hiding and looking for them. People in some countries give each other chocolate bunnies. Others give each other greeting cards. To support the traditions Magyar Posta (Hungarian Post JSC) has issued a definitive postage stamp with the inscription Húsvét (Easter in Hungarian) in the center of calligraphic floral stamp design.


Easter is considered to be one of the main holidays of the year. From religious point of view Easter is the holiday in honor of Christ resurrection. Crowds laid palm branches and their clothes on the ground when Jesus came to Jerusalem to pay their respects. Pussy willow branches are blessed in Hungarian churches to remind about it nowadays.

In Bible you may find one more symbol of Easter, the lamb. As one of the missions of Easter is welcoming of spring arrival, the lamb is associated with the nature awakening.


The Lent precedes the Easter. The winter with its frost usually ends with the end of Lent. So, Ester meets the spring, warmth and revival of nature. With the first warm days nature wakes up, flowers and grass appear on the ground and trees blossom. Churches are decorated by flowers for Easter to emphasize the rebirth of nature.