Interesting Facts about Stamp Collecting Today

StampIt is very human to gather property around us, to collect things, to save, to keep, to have. As soon as the first stamp was presented to the publicity, people who called themselves stamp-collectors appeared. The first stamp in human history originated from the UK. It was "Penny Black" in May of 1840. 20 years later the first collectioners appeared. Stamp-dealers emerged along with stamp-collectors.

We have the information about the first stamp-collector, his name was John Edward Gray, he was a British man and zoologist. He bought lots of enny Black stamps in order to save them which made him the first stamp collector ever.

Stamp Collecting in the 21st Century: The Age of Advanced Modern Technology

It is pretty surprising that the art of stamp collecting survived till 2018, as the advanced technologies seemed to cover all the areas of our being. With the swipe of the touchpad we can get all the information we are interested in, however, with such rapid growth of technology we have observed a rising interest in stamp collecting since 2005.

There might be lots of potential reasons for stamp-collecting rebirth.

1. People might have got used tot echnology so much, it is annoying.

Lots of people are engaged into very popular activities related to technology. At the beginning of 2000s, technologies were something extraordinary, surprising and evoke interest in minds of everydoby. Nowadays it is rather a mainstream activity, and lots of people started to look for something more exotic in terms of modern world, to something tangible and real. Stamp-collecting suits this definition fully. Stamps interest people when they are tired of wathing YouTube videos and playing computer games.

2. It is considered cool to be stamp-collector.

Nowadays things that were “nerdy” or not cool in past get their second chance by becoming rather vintage or retro or "real". More and pmore people come to stamp-collecting in order to understand the generations before, to get the vintage vibe of it.

3. Stamp collecting is back.

Lots of collectors who belong to the generation of baby boomers, have sold their collections during the decreased interest in stamp-collecting or during their focus on the family have lots of time now and they have returned back to stamp-collecting as their old and beloved hobby. Some of them still have their stamp collections, while others are rady and waiting for new stamps to be released.

4. Manually written caligraphics is back in fashion

Thogh technology keeps advancing and upgrading, the world is seeing a comeback real manually-done letter caligraphy – created not by the machines, but by human talent. Despite the common belief that technology is going to replace everything done by hand , the things turned out the other way, the Internet has encouraged its uprise. The culture of pen-pals is growing, and people are shering their written pieces with each nationwide and all over the world. Also, in line with pen-pals, postcard exchange is also a thing now. It helps to connect in a more natural way, keeping a tangible reminder of such experience.

5. Eastern hemisphere is getting more and more into stamp collecting

People all over the world want to know each other, understand other cultures. While some people travel, other people write each other letters. Recently, there have been a stamp-collecting boom in Eastern hemisphere. Stamp-collecting gained huge popularity in India and Asia regions, and it is a major area of stamp collecting nowadays. It is a stimul for other countries to join them in stamp collecting.

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