Latin America Stamps series includes issue with the image of Argentina's Seated Liberty

1899-1903 Argentina's Seated Liberty series are gorgeous stamps which would adore any collection. Stamps depict a figure of woman who symbolizes Liberty of Argentina. There is a coat of arms of the country near sitting woman and a splendid sunrise on the background. The content of the picture is deep and profound.

Latin America Stamps

The series of stamps with the picture of Argentina's Seated Liberty is rather rich. Any collector can find stamp which he likes and feels pride for.

What is interesting, there are trial material of such stamps and it increases the interest and rush about the collection.

One more benefit is an attractive cover which shows stamp usage and which is easy to find.

And at last the biggest advantage is adequate price for it.

The first fifteen stamps of the series were produced in 1899. In 1901 the other two denominations in three colors were issued. And the next two denominations supplemented the series in 1903.

20 $ - Argentine peso argentino

22 various stamps open the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue (Scott 122-132, 132B, 133-142). Their denomination varies starting from 1/2 centavo up to 20 pesos.

The stamps with two-colored Liberty designs have higher denomination, from 1 peso to 20 pesos. As well such stamps are larger in size.

But there are exceptions which are very expensive: 1p (Scott 139a), 5p (140a), 10p (141a) and 20p (142a). Their price may reach thousands of dollars.

The South American Banknote Co. situated in Buenos Aires took the responsibility to print the stamps. Their job was done excellent. They produced all the assortment of stamps as well as all trial materials to make philatelists pleased.

Fair samples and proofs of different kinds of paper and colors are also available. Real collectors are always happy to supplement their collections with these items.

Numerous perforation varieties are encompasses by the Scott Standard catalog with a list of gauge 111/2, gauge 12 and their compound. The other specialized catalogs (including Catalogo Kneitschel de Sellos Argentinos) define that all stamp denominations are identified perforated gauge 111/2, the 1p stamps are perforated 121/4 (gauge 12 in Scott measures), and the 50c stamps are issued with compound perforations (111/2 by 121/4, or 121/4 by 111/2).

1 $ - Argentine peso argentino

The part-perforated varieties make the Seated Liberties even more intriguing as well as imperforate variety. Unused imperforate pairs are listed and valued in the Scott Standard catalog as well as used and unused vertical pairs imperforate between and used and unused horizontal pairs imperforate between.

Most of stamps types are easy to find and they are not too expensive, but still require a little looking. Websites, fairs, different places of sales may become unexpected places to find such stamps.

Choosing the stamp you have to pay more attention to centering, because centering is disadvantage of many of not expensive stamps.

Also it's important to be sure that there is no fungus on the stamps. They appear because of high humidity. And there is a big risk that they damage the other stamps. Be careful choosing stamp for your collection.