New T.Rex Stamps with Flexography and Lenticular Details

Trex stampsThe USPS is back on the primordial animals’ topic, doing everything possible to depict famous Tyrannosaurus Rex widely loved by an audience and hyped by Jurassic Park movie franchise.

As per Linn’s Stamp News and their recent interview, the USPS representative informed that the upcoming dinosaur stamps will have lenticular details in it, imitating movement in the stamp itself. If you know how famous Rabbit and Hat stamp from 2018 Art of Magic souvenir looks like, so you know the mechanism of this one as well.

Rabbit and Hat stamp from 2018 Art of Magic souvenir sheet was the first stamp in the United Stated to apply lenticular technique, which shows action in a still picture by applying a see-through embossed polymer cover that changes the way person sees the picture when the angle of the stamp is changed or moved, often creating an illusion of animation.

The upcoming sheet of 4 pcs Tyrannosaurus Rex stamps will be presented of 29th of August, having 16 pcs in a set.

The illustrator for this work was Julius Csotonyi who specializes in paleoart, and the design was created by Greg Breeding USPS art director.

The USPS informed that the pane of 16 stamps features the dinosaur in different age of development from infanthood to the adulthood.

The first design shows young Tyrannosaurus Rex goes through the forest, clearing the path in front of him. The second design shows Tyrannosaurus Rex with young Triceratops in their fossil/bone form.

The third design illustrates the newborn Tyrannosaurus Rex while he still has feathers, curiously observing an insect. The fourth design shows teenage/juvenile Tyrannosaurus Rex on a hunt for some prehistoric animal.

The young adult Tyrannosaurus Rex that usually comes to our mind when we hear T.rex is also known as “the nation’s T.rex”. Its fossils were found in Montana and is believed to be one of the most completed and important prehistoric fossil findings of all time.

The remains of the nation’s T.rex are always exposed at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

The presentation of the new dinosaur stamps will take place in this museum on 29th of August.

The ceremony will start at 11 AM in the Baird Auditorium at 10th Street and Constitution Avenue NW.

Csotonyi, the paleoartist who created the illustration for the stamp and the art for the Smithsonian’s upcoming dinosaur exposition, is invited to take part in the program. Among others there will be USPS CHR and executive VP Isaac Cron­khite; Kirk Johnson - museum director, Matthew Carrano, lead of dinosaur department at the Smithsonian’s; and Shawn Yancy of Washington’s WTTG-TV FOX 5 News as the representative from journalists.