Postage Stamp Design (Part 3)

5) Matters of Shapes

Stamps The most widespread stamp's shape that comes to the mind of any person is probably a rectangle. Basically, it is the most practical one, as it is easy to produce them in sheet-form and also they fir envelopes perfectly. There are two designs of shape: vertical and horizontal stamps.

Stamps are not limited to rectangle, you can find stamps of any shape, even round if you have time for this. There are stamps in a shape of the heart, which is a great idea closer to the Valentine’s Day, what can be more romantic than a hand-written letter with a heart-shaped stamp on it.

The standard and commonly accepted parameters of the stamp are 10X30 mm. It is a proven and the most comfortable parameters that we have so far.

There is also the largest stamp to be ever issued and it appeared in US back in 1855. Its size was 53X95 mm. They even had a purpose apart from making a surprise, it was done to send newspaper via postal services.

The smallest stamp ever seen was released in Northern Germany.

Designing Process

As soon as the theme of the next postage stamp is agreed, the postal administration contacts designer, and the creativity process begins.

All the abovementioned rules apply to postal stamp-making by default. Professional postal stamps designer knows them by-heart, as it is a standard process. All the designers that worked with stamps had the experience of painting on the extremely small canvases. So, if you wanted to design stamps one day, you will need to get used to extremely small canvases for your creativity. Designer must understand, in terms of stamp’s theme, which element should be on the front of the stamp, how to shape it into such a small canvas. Lots of details must be taken into consideration, as the stamp is small, there is no point to place famous paintings, as their beauty will be lost within such a small size. And when it comes to portrait, not every person can even guess the person on the bust. That’s why you might have seen, that stamp designers tend to choose one specific piece of the painting.

Usually, a designer comes up with more than two designs and is ready to brainstorm the ideas caused by this design, to make reasonable corrections and to proceed with the option that is the best fit for the topic of the stamp. When a designer shows his or her draft design, and is waiting to get feedback, it is one of the most disturbing feelings ever. Designer is ready that the design might be even rejected, because the work is hard and specific, so it is worth of doing it the right way.

Postage Stamp Design

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