Princess Diana Stamps

Princess Diana stamps are very popular topical stamps with many countries issuing stamps to honor her life.  Her life makes her an interesting topic for stamp collecting, and not just by herself, but as part of the British Royal family with weddings, children, and meetings of other famous people, like Mother Teresa.


Princess Diana Stamps Examples

Princess Diana Stamps

Here are some examples of Princess Diana stamps and their selling value. The stamp above was issued by Great Britain to celebrate her marriage to Prince Charles and is part of a two-stamp set (the other stamp is a 25 pence stamp of the same design) that was issued on 22 July 1981.  The wedding took place on 29 July 1981.  You can buy a mint condition of these two stamps for about $2.00.

In 1997, Princess Diana tragically died.  To commemorate her life (1961 - 1997), Great Britain issued a set of five stamps on 3 February 1998, all with a face value of 26 pence.  Each has a different picture of the Princess.  A set of all five used for postage has a price of approximately of $3.50 today.  When these stamps first went on sale, the proceeds went to her charities.


Ascension Island Prince Diana Stamps

My final look at Princess Diana stamps is one issued by the Ascension Islands in 2007 to mark the 10th anniversary of her death and that of Mother Theresa who died a week earlier in 1997.  The stamp was issued in sheetlets of eight Princess Diana stamps and depicted the first meeting between the two women in February 1992 at Mother Teresa's convent in Rome.  The selvage of the issue shows a beautiful picture of the Princess on her visit to Hong Kong.