Printed Stamp Albums

Stamp albums fall under two general categories: "blank" and "printed." Printed albums present spaces with illustrations and/or information of each postage stamp that is to be put into each space. All newcomers should start using a printed stamp album, and many advanced collectors continue using them throughout their entire stamp collecting existence. They are utilized by far more collectors than any other kind of album. They come in numerous types to suit different purposes. Let's examine them in more detail.


Generally speaking, all printed stamp albums fall into three groups.

1. Stamp albums are of minimal potential expense for the very young. Such are little more than toys to be used for a short period and thrown away.

2. Stamp albums are carefully developed and arranged to provide places for the most number of stamps the new or casual enthusiast is likely to get. These kinds of stamp albums vary in dimensions in line with the number of stamps they can store and, of course, change in price according to their completeness.

3. Unabridged stamp albums offer places for all stamps of a single country, group of nations, or type of stamp. Such stamp albums are usually printed on one side of the page and are loose- leaf. They are pricey and often bulky, occasionally needing a number of volumes to deal with a single group of stamps. Those are the stamp albums you'll advance to once you begin to specialize.

The albums that will interest most collectors are going to be those noted under Group Two - albums that provide the most number of spots for the postage stamps of the world. There are more than 1,000,000 different stamps issued by the countries of the world, while it will be evident that every one of these stamp albums is abridged to a certain extent.
This is a start of a series on stamp albums I will be posting over a number of posts. If you have anything in particular you are interested in, please let me know. Stamp albums are one of the most important of your stamp collecting supplies, after stamps of course. They are vital for storing, organizing, and displaying those precious, colorful pieces of paper.