Purchasing Stamps

As you begin your new hobby as a stamp collector you may be wondering how you go about collecting stamps. You can begin by collecting the stamps from the mail. Once you have done that you can go to the post office and see what stamps they have and buy one of each. Now you have a starter collection, you can begin to find other stamps. If you know any elderly people see if they have any stamps they want to part with. Try to get a variety of different stamps try to stay away from duplicates.


Another great way to collect stamps is by possibly writing to other post offices in other countries and ask them how to purchase some of the stamps they have. You can add other countries stamps to your collection. Try looking on line as well; places like EBAY and Craig’s list are two of the most popular sites for buying and trading almost anything. There are many websites online that offer specialty stamps for purchase.

As you begin to receive stamps be very careful, stamps are fragile, use your tongs to insert them in your book. Also, one very important thing to note is if you have a piece of mail do not rip the stamp off but save the entire piece of mail or cut out around the stamp but leave enough room as to not cut the sides. Place carefully into your stamp book and make sure the stamps are secure.