Sarah Vaughan Designed Stamp 2016 (USA)

The United States Postal Service (USPS), which is independent American federal government agency realizing all postal services around the country, honors the memory of the great American singer, Sarah Vaughan, with the new stamp in 2016.

Sarah Vaughan stamp

Design of this stamp shows the portraiture of the magnificent singer on the base of the photograph which was done by Hugh Cecil Lancelot Bell in 1955. By the way the best Bell's photographs are jazz photographs made during 10 years period of his art (1950-1960).

Sassy (the nickname of Sarah Vaughan) opened her extraordinary inconceivable vocal talent singing in Newark church. Sarah Vaughan was an owner of three octaves voice. She controlled her voice masterly. This talented woman could swoop from low to high and back. So, it is not wondering that people called her "The Divine One".


Vaughan's rhythmic and melodic improvisations, developed during work with American jazz greats, were fab. Her phrasing was exceptionally skillful. Vaughan's ability and talent to sing lyrics in a fresh way deepened with age. Her career continued about fifty years and the voice didn't weaken with time. Listeners often noted that Sassy operated the voice as an instrument.


Ethel Kessler, art of stamps director and designer, developed the design and the stamp sheet. Bart Forbes, US illustrator and painter, brought ideas of Ethel Kessler to life.


On the one side of the stamp sheet there is a short story about career of "The Divine One". A wider version of the art presented on the stamp is the list of the most popular songs of the singer and the Music Icons series logo. Among the songs listed: "Thinking of You", "It's Magic", "Body and Soul", "Whatever Lola Wants", "Key Largo", "Misty", "It Might as Well Be Spring", "If You Could See Me Now", "Send in the Clowns", "Autumn in New York", "I've Got a Crush on You" and "Lover Man".