Solar Eclipse Thermostamps

Sun forever stampThere was an unusual even back on 27th of August 2017. Solar Eclipse took place and it was visible at some northern territories of the world. Lots of people saw amazing natural phenomenon of Moon step by step blocking the view on the Sun. When the Moon covered the Sun fully, people witnessed Solar Eclipse.

If you didn’t have chance to see the Solar Eclipse yourself, well, you will hardly see another one since it happens usually once in 375 years. By the time it happened the news about it were literally everywhere. So, to celebrate this enormous and rare event the USPS decided to issue Solar Eclipse or Total Eclipse of the Sun Forever stamp, presented in June 2017.

The stamps illustrate the Moon fully blocking the view on the Sun, so we can see only the circle of sunlight coming from the Moon’s back.

This stamp was created with the thermochromic ink technology, it reacts to the heat. It means that if you warm up the center of the stamp by rubbing the finger on it, the black circle you see on a stamp will change the picture to the full Moon.

Please note, that the thermochromic ink technology loses its abilities if it is constantly exposed to the sunlight. So, it should be kept away from the direct UV light to maintain initial characteristics. It is marked as a “Forever stamp”, and can be located in the Catalogue by Stampworld as well.

There are 6 stamps in the collection in order to demonstrate 6 different views/ positions the eclipse was visible from. It includes the view from Vancouver, Canada, Dakar in Senegal, Hamilton in Bermuda, Saint Anne in Alderney, and Anadyr in Russia. These 6 stamps are also thermochromic and change the image when heat exposed. All the stamps should avoid direct UV lights to keep the initial characteristics.