Spain gets super creative with printing methods

Spain was trying different innovative printing methods for the last few years.

The 2018 €1.35 stamp in honor of engineer and inventor Cosme Garcia Saez is made on polymer, and netting was put on the 2019 €1.50 Euroleague Basketball Final Four Tournament stamps.

footbal-stamp-spainLately, Spain has been intensively working on modernization of the way stamp is looked at what its function is, and produced some amazing stamp issues.

Some might compare these printing methods to some sort of tricks, however it is not how it should be characterized. For instance, lots of fresh self-adhesive stamps have a letter ‘n’ punched out in the design. Sometimes the design of stamps cuts out numerous different details. Also, lenticular effect was applied to a Star Wars gift sheet back in 2018 [Scott 4272], and a Chess stamp from 2018 [4286] is punctured to the shape of a pawn.

In 2018 Spain issued stamps to honor Alvaro de Mendana y Neira (a navigator who led two successful voyages to discover Solomon Islands and Marqueza Islands) which are made on wood veneer with self-adhesive back side [Scott 4293]. Also, they’ve issued stamps shaped like handstamps to honor Cosme Garcia Saez, who invented inked handstamp for the post office and the stamp is printed on polymer [4297].

To honor 2019 Euroleague Basketbal [Scott 4360] the stamp was made with string netting to imitate a ball that is flying into a basket. It has a really impressive effect in real life.

Spain is really creative when it comes to stamps, they’ve used numerous trimmings like foil and other special finishes to make sure their stamps are outstanding. To check on those and many other stamps you should check Spain in Scott catalogue.

Other stamps have foil added or special finishes. To see these and other types of techniques used, check out the pages for Spain in the Scott catalog. The real collector’s value is getting one of the in-period usages for these stamps.

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