Spectacular Stamps – Austria (Part 2)

Small-scale Glass Painting

Glass PaintingSo, as you can see, Austrians are really creative and they are always ready to go an extra mile if they have an idea. Another surprise was the stamps issued in summer 2016 which were printed on glass. It was official postage stamps. The image printed was the grieving Virgin Mary over Jesus.

The process of printing was also interesting, as the image was made on the reverse side of glass, such technology makes the glass clearer and the image lasting longer. Such technology is typical for Austria, as it is very common in traditional villages with glass works and glass produced traditionally.

Lots of families had glass-making and artworks from glass as their second option of income when the times were tough. The artworks were usually by unkown artist, because glass artwork was made by a group of people. The stamp is also very traditional and bears deep cultural meaning for Austria. It combines modern technologies and traditional glass work. The technology was used mostly to make sure the stamps are made according to the quality standarts, but in general it is rather hand made.

Home-knitted Stamp

The latest stamp among those crazy and amazing stamps provided by Austrian stamp authorities will be a little bit similar to sparkling Lederhosen stamp from 2015. It has a picture of the traditional Austrian female outfit. The thing is that it is not actually printed, but rather…knitted. The Dirndl outfit was knitted.

The most recent stamp in this series of spectacular Austrian stamps, was issued on September 22nd 2016. This stamp is a follow-up to the Lederhosen stamp issued a year prior. This stamp features the female version of the local Austrian outfit - the Dirndl. The Hammerle & Vogel, which is the company that has been specializing in empbroidery for years now.

In order to create a stamp there was needed like 40 meters of thread of 3 colors: green, white and red. These colors are traditionally used for dirndl outfit in Austria. The dirndl design is usually very traditional, well-known in Austria and simple, but not on this stamp. The design of this stamp dirndl is more attractive, which is usually used during Oktoberfest. This outfit has a short skirt and low neckline in order to be more appealing.

This stamp is available in the catalogue of Stamp World.

Austrian expriments with stamps prove that our imagination is the only limit, and the mix of lod and new can always bring us something extraordinary and interesting as a result.

As for now, we are waiting for the fresh issues of new and daring stamps of Austrian production.

Spectacular Stamps – Austria

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