Spectacular Stamps – Austria

There is unofficial stamp competition among stamp makers all over the world. They really put lots of efforts to make their stamp extraordinary and interesting to the collectors. There are plenty of ways to beat the competition. For example, they can play with shapes of their stamps or they can choose an amazing theme. But the most attractive for collector way is the uniqueness of the stamps. Here comes Austria, as it is known for out of the ordinary stamps and they support their reputation with advancement, innovation, creativity and madness (in a good sense of this word) of design.

Why are they so interesting to stamp community?

Stamps, AustriaThe postal service of Austira is the most intricate and known for its detalization. For example, they are the only one who consider not only the shape and size of the stamp, they also care about the material, fabric to be precise, of the stamp. In most of other stamp-making authorities, the material is paper, and nobody really tries to come up with something else. Even more, in Austria, they didn’t just settle down with fabric, they still continue on experimenting. So just to give you an understanding take a look at this one, issued in March, 2014.

This stamp is unique in each and every sense of this word, as it is made from porcelain. It has a rose from Vienne depicted on it, as it is a symbol of Austria. Porcelain was not a random choice, it is also a symbol of Austria, as high-quality porcelain can be found there. It is a symbol of wealth and was common in the upper-class Austrian communities. The manufacturing facility that produced the stamps was Neue Wiener Augarten Porcelain GmbH. The process of manufacturing of these stamps was really special, the staps were shaped and then exposed to certain temperature for more than 1 day. After this, the image of the stamp was printed and then stamps went for another round of temperature tempering in order for paint to stick to the stamp base. These stamps can be found on Stamp World and easily purchased.

Sparkly leather pants

The idea with porcelain stamp was extraordinary, and it left a long-lasting impression on the stamp collecting community. However, it Austrians didn’t stop there. Next year, they issued the stamp that was similar to their traditional trousers.

So, in 2015, Austrian stamp authorities cooperated with Swarovski and issued a stamp with their traditional clothes, so-called Lederhosen. They are present almost everywhere within a traditional Austrian Tyrol image and they are like a piece of history for Austrians.

The stamp itself is made of special leather, used specifically for the production of such pants, and each stamp is decorated with 6 real Swarovski crystals. Can you imagine something more Austrian in one piece?

These stamps are really unique, but most of all – they are fun. As for Swarovski, it is a worldwide famous Austrian company that has a history of more than 120 years. So this is a perfect Austrian cooperation.

Spectacular Stamps – Austria (Part2)

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