Finding a stamp dealer that's right for you


Buying stamps is much more than just going into the shop, collecting your stamp, and coming out. If you are new, you should understand that the dealer might not have the stamp you want. It may be a rare stamp that is hard to find. This stands true for online dealers as well as offline dealers.

Dealers Don't Stock All the World's Stamps

Dealers will usually have the new issues and stamps that are available in plenty already. However, they won’t have stocks. In stamp collecting, there is nothing called a stock item. Remember that the dealer will stock stamps according to his interests and not according to your interests. If you want a stamp that is rare and you are the only one asking for it, why will he even stock it? There is no point having many such stamps, is there?

This is the reason why you should find a dealer who specializes in the area of your interest. However, know that even he won’t have all the stamps in the world of that area. There are more than half a million stamps! Who would stock all of them? Who would stock even a fraction of those? Think about it.