Stamp Catalog


A stamp catalog is a book of postage stamps with a list of all of their different types. The catalog gives descriptions and prices, the catalog is a must have among stamp collectors. When these stamp collecting catalogs first came out they were just lists of dealers prices, over time as the study of stamps began to increase, the catalogs included more details about the stamps. For example, the book would include date the stamp was dated, the different colors and any other pertinent information.

The stamp catalog also contained information on how to tell what was and wasn’t a real stamp. There are not that many stamp collection catalogs in print. These are only catalogs that are printed world wide, The Michel Catalog, The Minkus Catalog, Stanley Gibson Catalog and the Scott Catalog. These catalogs get bombarded with information because many thousands of stamps come out each year and the catalog has to categorize each one.

There are other countries that put out their own catalogs, Spain has the Anfils Catalog, Australia has the Brusden White Catalog, Scandinavia has the Facit, China publishes the Ma Catalog, Hong Kong has the Yang Catalog and Italy has the Sassone. There are some postal agencies that put out their own catalogs as well. There are many places you get stamp collection information in addition to the catalogs. Check on line there are hundreds of website designed with stamp collecting in mind.