Stamp Collecting as a Hobby


Stamp collecting is a very popular and fast rising hobby; some people take it more seriously than others. There are many times that stamps are produced fro collecting rather than for actual postage use. The reason this is done is so that the government can benefit, when a post office puts out a commemorative stamp or a collectible stamp then the post office benefits because all of the collectors come out of the wood work and buy the stamps for their collection, there for causing a great profit for the post office.

This practice has been condoned by the stamp collecting agencies in places like Liechtenstein ad Pitcairn Islands; they have a very conservative stamp collecting policy. If you abuse the policy them you are condemned. One of the most famous abuser would be Nicholas Seeback and the United Arab Emirates. He worked as an agent in the Hamilton Bank Note Company in the 1890's and went up to several Latin American countries and offered to make their stamps for their country free of charge in return he wanted the rights to sell the stamps to other countries and to other collectors.

Since 2000, over 400,000 different styles of stamps have been manufactured throughout the world. Annually, the entire world has produced about 10,000 different types of stamps. Stamps are on the increase; this is great news to collectors who thought that the use of emailing and paying bills online would stamp put stamp collecting. Who says, you can never find a stamp when you need it.