Stamp Collection Expos


When you get about a million people who collect the same thing as you do, you want to be able to go to a place and meet other people who do the same thing as you. These places are called conventions; there are many types of conventions such as Star Trek, Cooking, South Park and thousands of others like it. There are even stamp collection conventions. People from all over the world come to a different location every year and they bring the oldest stamps and the rarest stamps they have.

There may not be a whole lot of buying rare stamps here, most people bring their collections to show them off but deals are made from time to time, you have to ask around. There are booths that are set up for purchasing only and other booths are for just looking and admiring other people’s collections. Each year the amount of people who attend to these conventions are very serious collectors and even some casual collectors leave these conventions with a very different attitude.

They want to take their hobby a bit more serious. They learn more and more about the process and it gives them a whole new perspective and a whole new respect for the process. It’s ok to be a beginner and you don’t have to have a hundred stamps the first week, take your time, do your cataloging and then maybe you can be one of the people at the convention showing off their rarest and oldest stamps.