LignUp Stamp Search Marks the New Era of Stamp Collecting


If you are a stamp collector like me, you will instantly understand the pain I felt. Each time I got a new stamp I had to identify and evaluate it. Usually I used expensive annual catalogues and spent hours sifting through them looking for my new stamp. Familiar?

Well now I do not have to do that anymore. I have discovered my #1 helper in stamp indentification: the LignUp Stamp Search tool. This software has saved me countless hours of my time and hundreds of dollars!




How does it work ?


Whenever I get a new stamp I am scanning it with my scanner or taking a close photo of it. I then place the image file into LignUp Stamp Identification software and hit “Search”. After about 30 seconds I see my new stamp listed on all major stamp-related sites and even e-Bay! Stamp Search also finds all the info about the stamp: catalogue number, issue year and current auction price!

This little tool has been one of the most useful and stress-saving software products I have ever bought. It’s also ridiculously cheap: only $19.95 - a big difference between a bulky hundred-something dollar catalogues and a small app that does the same.

In fact, the first night I tried it I literally flooded the developers’ inbox with e-mails. I loved the product so much that I asked how exactly it worked – and was happy to find out that it’s a proprietary know-how they developed. These guys run servers that scan all major stamp sources and use cutting-edge image detection technology. Each time a stamp is submitted the software goes through their stamp database and pulls matches. Together with the stamp name you get the stamp’s sales listings so you can know how much your new acquisition is worth.
LignUp Stamp Search currently has over 450K stamp images in its’ database and the number grows evrytime. With the price these guys are charging for the app – it becomes a must have tool in any stamp collector’s arsenal.



Why you absolutely need it ?


I know people that are dropping over $300 on stamp catalogues and various tools per year. In fact I am spending almost as much myself – and I can not think of a reason not to get LignUp Stamp Search. On the contrary, there are four very obvious reasons to buy it right away:

  • - It’s created by stamp collectors for stamp collectors;
  • - It has a constantly growing database and dedicated support;
  • - It is so easy to use you won’t ever need support. Unless you want to say you love them like I did :)
  • - It is indecently cheap. You basically get it for sending the developers one coffee each month.


Seriously, it is an application that saves hours of your time and gets improved and updated by people that care. Did I mention it costs just $19.95? Grab it before the prices go up once the creators realize how great their tool is. I bought it and it has made me one very happy stamp maniac!