The Full Collection of U.S. Postage Stamps Ever Issued on Arago

Have you ever thought that one day it would be possible to see the full collection of all the American postage stamps ever issued and in one place? Nowadays it became a reality. Arago database is used by National Postal Museum to collect and organize all the stamps and make it available for very detailed elaboration. Arago is very cool not only due to its organization, but also it has some professional review under each stamp included.

stampsThe Arago website was called after James Smithson’s close friend and physicist Francois Jean Dominique Arago. It is a perfect place for all the stamps enthusiast no matter they are amateurs or professionals. It contains the most thorough information about all the stamps ever issued by the US. It has the detailed images in high resolution starting from 1847 (when pre-paid stamps’ period began). Also, Arago presents some detailed insights from professionals in this field, they write about different and specific aspects, so any person can find it interesting. If you are looking for historical information or about different companies through the history that contributed to the Postal Department story, you can easily find it on Arago. Maybe you are a beginner and curious about the types of stamps, the very beginning of this tradition and you want to understand what definitive or commemorative means. Have you ever thought what or who was depicted on the first stamp issued in the United States? How has the technology behind printing stamps changed since the first stamp printed? Arago is here to answer your any question related to the world of American stamps. This huge database was created with people in mind.

Arago is easy-to-use and has simple structure: it organizes items in category chronologically and in hierarchical order. The website navigation is simple - use the menu or search button. The Advanced Search menu includes lots of different options to optimize your search, e.g. search through catalog numbers (like Scott catalog). You can type anything there, and you can find out information about your hometown, famous people and how everything is connected with postal service and stamps.

As soon as you have found what you were looking for, you will be amazed by Arago’s zoom possibilities. The stamps will seem to be in your hands, and the details are readable and clear. You can zoom picture in many times. People who love arts and especially engraving will absolutely love this feature.

Also, there are some lections on this website, visit online exhibits to take online pictorial lessons on different postal or stamp topics. Online Exhibition is very professional, comprehensive and provides really deep insights on specific subjects. Arago presents different topics covered through its online Exhibit series: from the Olympics to the Federal duck stamps. They are organized by topic, so it is quite easy to find them. The website presents ‘My collection’ feature, where you can save the stamps or topics you are interested in and come back to review them later or create your online stamp collection.

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