Stamps made of Real Oak Wood in Austria

Oak wood stampAustria in stamp collecting community is well-known for its innovative and creative approach to stamp creation. On 28th of July 2017, Austria presented new wooden stamp. It is the next stamp in the series of the spectacular stamps. Austrian postal service is well-known for its desire to experiment with traditional and extraordinary techniques of stamp producing, involving fresh printing technologies and unusual materials for stamps.

This stamp follows the tendency of Austrian postal service, and it was dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of the Austrian Federal Forestry Office. To pay respect to anniversary, Austrian postal service decided to create a tree-shaped stamp, specifically depicting oak that is naturally occurs in Austrian forests.

At first glance one might say that there are a lot of stamps depicting trees, however, the stamp has oak-shape and is made of real wood as well. All these stamps were made of the 210 y.o. oak tree, and the stamps are really thin.

There were numerous challenges during the wooden stamps production, since it is complicated to process and trim wood due to this material being sensitive to heat treating and the level of moisture needs to be taken into account as well. As a result, they used one tree to produce the stamps, making each stamp absolutely one-of-a-kind. It is shaped as an oak tree and was laser cut. The denomination of this stamp is EUR 6.90.