The Starting Point: Stamp Collecting in the Age of Internet

Apple, notebookNowadays stamp-collecting is pretty different from it in 20th century, though it is considered a retro hobby, it is not as it used to be. Some basics are the same. The first thing that is different is the stamp itself, the style and method of stamp production is modern.

For many people, stamp collecting is special and they like it traditional way, because it has this retro vibe. So, they pick a country and collect every stamp issued in this country. Also, in the past, stamp-collecting meant lots of different forms of the same portrait of a ruling person like kings, queens, presidents etc. Nowadays it is really different.

Advanced technologies concerned printing techniques as well, and today we can print a huge number of stamps of different design, themes and shapes. The introduction of color to the stamp one day was a sensation, now it is a common thing. Today thematical stamp collecting is very popular. Collectors no longer choose a country, they focus mostly on particular topic of their interest and then build their collection around it. It is very interesting, as you are no longer bounded geographically. People started collect tropical stamps, space stamps and anything that is related to their hobby, so stap collecting contributed to a larger hobby in general. Also, thematic stamps are really on a budget, because new stamps are issued all the time and you would need to hunt particular stamp only if you have one on your mind.

With the Internet era, it is easy to reach to the stamps that were really difficult to find earlier. Nowadays, those rare stamps are usually provided thogh private dealers and through offices, however, Internet couldn’t but took its niche and web-sites like Stamp World also provide good samples. So, you can still go for your hobby, sitting in the comfort of your home and getting what you want.

Stamp collecting became a hobby for everybody, no matter what your budget is, the location doesn’t matter any more. It can be a thing for people of any age, and children can educate themselves as well, as stamps can be fun with such a diversity of design.

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