Topical Stamp Collecting

Commonwealth Stamps

Queen Victoria Stamps

queen-victoria-stampsQueen Victoria stamps have been issued by many countries throughout the world. Queen Victoria featured stamps are generally recognized as the first official postage stamp issued. They were issued in 1840 in Britain and were called the penny black stamp.


Collecting Queen Elizabeth Stamps

queen-elizabeth-stampsQueen Elizabeth stamps have been issued by many different countries around the world.  As reigning monarch, they are on all of the stamps issued by Britain.  Because of the length of her reign, there is a wide variety of Queen Elizabeth stamps.


Collecting Australian Stamps

Collecting Australian StampsThere are many interesting Australian stamps to collect, especially those depicting the Australian animals.




British Stamps

Getting Started In British Stamps

British StampsBritish stamps are where it all started with the Penny Black stamp in 1840. There is a lot of history and variety with British stamps; there are many stamps to marvel at.



The Penny Black Story

Penny Black StampsThe Penny Black stamp is where it all started for stamp collecting. It was the first pre-paid, self-adhesive stamp to be used for posting a letter by a public postal system.



King Edward Stamps - A Tale Of Two Kings

King Edward StampsKing Edward stamps tell the tale of two kings - King Edward VII (7th) and King Edward VIII (8th). Both had relatively short reigns, especially when compared with Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II (2nd)'s continuing reign.



Princess Diana Stamps

Princess Diana StampsPrincess Diana stamps are very popular topical stamps with many countries issuing stamps to honor her life.




US Stamps

American Stamps: A Rich History

British StampsBeing a collector of American stamps is genuinely rewarding. With a rich history and selection, American Stamps has a lot for a stamp collector to maintain their interest.


What Are the Greatest American Stamps ?

British StampsAfter detailed process to determine the American stamps that could arguably be considered the greatest, 3 American stamps considered to be the greatest.



French Stamps

French Stamps Collecting - The First French Stamps

French first stamp - Ceres with a cluster of grapes in her hairThe first stamps in France were issued on 1 January 1849. They were part of the Ceres series of stamps to represent the French Republic.




Topical Stamps


Collecting Animal Stamps

animal stampAnimal stamps were among the first stamps issued that did not bear the likeness of a monarch or president.



World War II

Hitler Stampthere are broadly two categories - those issued during the war and those issued after to commemorate the war.



Easter Stamps Collection

cook Island stampEaster stamps are popular stamps to collect, but they are not issued as widely as Christmas stamps.



Astronomy Stamps Are Fascinating

astronomy stamp fascinatingAstronomy stamps as well as space stamps are fascinating like the subject. With so many different astronomy stamps to buy for your stamp collection, it is important to buy wisely.



Soccer Stamps

stamp, Pele, soccerIn 1966 soccer (football) came home with England winning a dramatic final against Germany with a controversial Geoff Hurst goal (did the ball cross the line? See below).



Space Stamps - The Final Frontier

stamp, skylab, spaceSpace is such a fascinating subject and there many stamps dedicated to it, which makes them great topical stamps to collect. Space has always fascinated me and that is probably why I like space stamps.


Disney Stamps Are Happy

Disney, stamp, Mickey MouseDisney stamps are a favorite of topical stamp collectors and with people who would not normally collect stamps. It is probably because they depict many of Disney's marvelous creations from their animated movies.


Marilyn Monroe Stamps

Marilyn Monroe USA stampMany countries have issued Marilyn Monroe stamps. This is a testament to the continuing fascination with Marilyn even though she tragically passed away just under 50 years ago on August 5, 1962.



5 New Christmas stamps from Sweden.

Christmas Sweden stampSweden lined up with other countries that try to make philately lovers happier by issuing amazing holiday stamps collection. This issue is dedicated to the best known and widely loved symbols of Christmas, and here we want to tell you a story behind the creation of this issue.


Amazing EUROPA 2002 year Circus

France circus stampsPostal authorities of each country have a chance to take part in the EUROPA stamp's selecting, and it is enjoyable to see what design is proposed by each country.


A Stamp of Good Fortune

flannery oconnor postageThe United States Postal Service issued new Flannery O'Connor stamp on May, 2015 that has a gorgeous look of her bright portrait and a peacock silhouette and feathers.


Latin America Stamps series includes issue with the image of Argentina’s Seated Liberty

20 $ - Argentine peso argentino1899-1903 Argentina's Seated Liberty series are gorgeous stamps which would adore any collection. Stamps depict a figure of woman who symbolizes Liberty of Argentina.



Aberrant Birds Unique Exhibition 2016 in Latvian Museum of Natural History

Aberrant Birds Unique Exhibition 2016Unique Exhibits of Latvian Museum of Natural History stamps series is supplemented by a stamp with the image of Aberrant Birds in 2016. This new stamp was issued by Latvijas Pasts (Latvian Post).


The Definitive Garden Flowers stamp series 2016

Garden FlowersGarden Flowers series of definitive stamp was issued by Pos Malaysia (post service of Malaysia) in Johor (one of Malaysian states, which is situated in the south of Peninsular Malaysia) in 2016.


Hungarian Easter Stamps 2016

Hungarian Easter StampA fair holiday Easter, which is devoted to the Jesus Christ resurrection, is celebrated by different nations in unexpected manners and with surprising traditions.


Sarah Vaughan Designed Stamp 2016 (USA)

Sarah VaughanThe United States Postal Service (USPS) honors the memory of the great American singer, Sarah Vaughan. Design of this stamp shows the portraiture of the magnificent singer on the base of the photograph which was done by Hugh Cecil Lancelot Bell in 1955.


Sarah Vaughan Designed Stamp 2016 (USA)

He for She StampsIndia Post and the United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA) join together to issue 6 stamps for International Women's Day. With these stamps they promote the United Nations' gender-equality campaign named "HeForShe".


New York World Stamp Show 2016

New York World Stamp Show 2016About 250 000 lovers of stamps collections will visit the astonishing event named World Stamp Show-NY 2016. Stamps look rather patriotically - ten of them are of blue color and ten of them are red, it makes the accent of the location of exhibition.


Stamp in honor of the US Coast Guard

US Coast GuardUS Coast Guard is a part of country's uniformed services, total number of which is seven. William S. Phillips, famous artist, made oil paintings for the stamps. The first icon depicts the cutter Eagle.


Winter Season 2016 in Israel

winter, IsraelThe stamp dedicated to winter season was issued on the 9th of February, 2016. It depicts the joyful scene of children playing with snow and making a snowman. The view of Jerusalem is on the background of the picture.