Types of Stamps for Collection

Now that you have decided to begin to collecting stamps you may be curious as to what types of stamps to begin to collect. Postage stamps are the most common stamps collectors choose. There are definitive stamps, commemorative stamps, pictorial stamps and revenue stamps. Then there are the postal stationery, this includes government issued post cards and air letter sheets and aerograms.


Other types of stamps that would enhance your collection are revenue stamps, miniature sheers, and postage due, stamps or labels. Souvenir sheets, first day covers, these are stamps that are released and then canceled on the first day. The first day ceremonial programs, topical stamps, the most popular topical stamps are dogs, cats, birds, flowers and the Olympics. Chinese New Year stamps are greats and holiday stamps as well. Pieces of government mail sometimes have unique stamps those are great for a stamp collection.

When you purchase rare stamps from anyone make sure that you get a letter or authenticity. Without the letter, other stamp collectors will nit buy rare stamps from you. That is part of the scams involved in stamp collecting. Supposed rare stamp collectors sell their stamps and because they look so different than anything you have ever seen, you believe they are real without knowing you are supposed to get a letter of authenticity. Be careful and be aware of people selling stamps.