Upcoming Dinosaurs Stamps by USPS

Tyrannosaurus stampsThe USPS is going to issue new steps depicting Tyrannosaurus rex on 29th of August, there will be 4 stamps. These stamps should include lens-shaped element in its design.

According to the postal bulletin issued on the 1st of August, the process of press work is flexography with lenticular elements. It means that there should be some movement illusion on these stamps. The description is promising, so we are really interested to see the way upcoming stamps were made.

There is a collection of different ancient creatures all over the world in stamp industry. Tyrannosaurus rex is just one of them. As per American Topical Association (ATA) the number of dinosaur-themed stamps is close to 4,000 now (including fossils).

The dinosaur topic is so admired among people that the cover of Vol. 2A of the 2020 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue has 2017 6-yuan stamp dinosaur sheet, featuring Apatosaurus on it.

An update on the American Tyrannosaurus Rex stamps, the issue by Linn’s Stamp News on 26th of August has an article by J. Brockert about the American 1989 Primordial Animals pack of four 25¢ stamps (Scott 2422-2425). Joe Brockert, former USPS art director for this issue, commented on the whole story behind creating of those stamps.